Happy Un-First Day of School

We were supposed to start school today…except we didn’t. The elation that bubbles within my soul as I type those words is almost too much for me to contain…in fact, I couldn’t keep myself from feeling giddy about it all day long. Despite a painfully early wake up time and multiple messes to be cleaned, I remained so joyful at the realization that I had W all to myself today.

I could take you back through the last six months and document all of the steps that led to an enrollment in a 2-year-old program at a local Christian school, but I will spare you. Suffice it to say that without realizing it at the time, I was pursuing a course that I thought I was “supposed to” rather than listening to the whispers within me that suggested otherwise. So after a brief Meet the Teacher that left us feeling unsettled, we sought wise counsel, prayed, and ultimately determined that attending school this year was not the best choice for our little man or for our family.

As a result, all throughout the day, I found myself covered up in even more gratitude than usual, which is saying something. I appreciated every moment I spent with my boy because I was acutely aware of how that time was almost gifted to someone else. I took countless pictures, several videos, and just savored every delicious drop of our day together. I count it as such a divine privilege to get to be mama to this precious one every day. The fact that I am able to witness every mood, every misstep, every dance, every laugh, and every milestone is something that I don’t take lightly and I truly thank God for it every. single. day.

So today we reveled in our perfectly normal existence. We played trucks. We went to My Gym. We ate “angich” with the trains. We snuggled in the white chair and read books. He performed “The Hot Dog Dance.” He recited 5 Little Monkeys and reenacted the story with finger puppets. We played outside. He held my hand. He spilled my coffee all over the table. We made up stories with his Little People. He gave me sticky PB&J kisses. I sang to him. He said, “Mama play with you,” and I did…because I could. What a gift.

It was a beautiful day and one I will hold in my heart for a long, long time. After I tucked him into bed, I spent time smiling over the many pictures posted on social media celebrating kids’ First Days of School. I thought of all that we have to look forward to…backpacks and Valentines, cubbies and new shoes, 100th day celebrations and Curriculum Nights…all of it so dear to me for so many reasons. I thought of all of that and how many babies started their journeys today with teary eyed mamas putting on brave faces as they sent them off to conquer the world. I took it all in, knowing perfectly well that our time is just around the corner. But it’s not today…and for that, I am thankful.


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